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Rep. Blake Farenthold Reacts to the President's Speech


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Blake Farenthold (TX-27) had the following comments on the President's address to the Joint Session of Congress:

"President Obama's speech shows he understands the need to get Americans back to work. Unfortunately, his plan of more unemployment eligibility, more stimulus like spending, continued government overregulation and class warfare is not the way to put Americans back to work and solve our economic woes. Our economy has shed over 2 million jobs since the first stimulus, at a rate of over 78,000 jobs per month. I urge the President to begin working with Congress to implement real world, not government solutions to put America back on the right track.

"The simple truth is that jobs will be created when we cut taxes for everyone, curb Washington's outrageous addiction to spending and end unnecessary regulations. Enough is enough. Americans need long term certainty so they don't have to guess about what they'll be paying in taxes year after year. I look forward to working with the President and my colleagues to pass a balanced budget amendment right away and also promptly pass other laws that return power to the states and the American people. Big government is not the solution it is the problem."

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