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Governor Susana Martinez Applauds House of Representatives for Bipartisan Passage of Medicaid and SNAP Funding

Press Release

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Governor Susana Martinez issued the following statement after the New Mexico House of Representatives approved legislation to restore the state's supplement to the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 28, introduced with bipartisan support by Sen. Lynda Lovejoy (D- Crownpoint) and Rep. Dennis Roch (R-Texico), will appropriate $450,000 for supplemental food stamp funding for certain low-income, elderly, and disabled New Mexicans. Currently, the program is funded through the end of September by re-appropriated federal stimulus dollars. The bill also directs over $6 million in funds to the Human Services Department for Medicaid expenses. Without this appropriation, the
money would have reverted to the federal government.

"Protecting New Mexico's most vulnerable is an important priority that has rightfully received broad bipartisan support," said Governor Martinez. "I applaud the House of Representatives for working on the people's business and passing legislation to provide much-needed funding to low-income, elderly, and disabled New Mexicans. This measure will also protect necessary Medicaid funding that would have otherwise been sent back to the federal government, further assisting and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. I
hope the Senate will act quickly to consider this important measure and make sure that these necessary funds are available to those who need them most."

"I am pleased that we have taken the first steps toward passing this important legislation into law," added Sen. Lovejoy. "We have a commitment to the most vulnerable New Mexicans that we must uphold. I hope that we continue to address this legislation with a sense of bipartisanship and urgency in order to restore assistance to low-income, elderly, and disabled New Mexicans."

"These $6 million in Medicaid funds, as well as the SNAP supplement, are important resources that many New Mexicans rely on to make ends meet," said Rep. Roch. "I am pleased that we have taken a critical step toward appropriating the Medicaid funds in order to keep them from reverting to the federal government and I am encouraged that all sides have been able to support this legislation on behalf of the people of New Mexico. I am hopeful the Senate will respond with similar bipartisan support."

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