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Marchant Responds to the President's Address to Congress


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24) issued the following release today in response to President Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress.

"More than two years after passing the failed stimulus, President Obama came back to Congress to ask for even more money. The American people have seen this act before and they are skeptical to say the least. The American people don't want more speeches and they don't want more big government boondoggles.

"People are hurting and they want jobs. They don't want to hear how President Obama is pivoting to jobs for the third or fourth time. Creating the environment for the private sector to create jobs ought to be job number one. Unfortunately, the President has focused much of his presidency on implementing a stifling regulatory regime and foisting a job-crushing tax burden on small businesses. The President cannot expect the private sector to create jobs when nearly every one of his policies is designed to prevent that from happening.

"Throughout the August district work period, I talked to job creators from many industries. Their message was clear. We need to reform the tax code, cut burdensome regulations on small businesses, and lower the corporate tax rate. Our corporate tax rate is the highest in the industrialized world. It's time for America to become more competitive in the global market place. This is the message America's job creators want President Obama to hear."

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