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A Jobs Plan That Works

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. FLEMING. Madam Speaker, instead of President Obama's no-jobs plan, which is just more of the same, I'd like to give my 2 cents worth on what it takes to create jobs right here in America. Why? Because I know what it's like to take a risk and open a business, to hire someone and make a payroll.

Putting a moratorium on all new regulations would be a good start. Repealing the job-killing ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank financial reform laws--which are actually no reform at all and are already decimating our economy--and putting forth a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. If President Obama adopted these approaches, immediately capital would start flowing, which would then create jobs.

What we can no longer afford are the current, Big Government, socialist policies that will only put us further into debt and hurt job creation.

I have created hundreds of jobs in my district in Louisiana. How many jobs has the President created in his 2 1/2

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