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Scalise Knocks "Son of Stimulus"


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Scalise today released the following statement on President Barack Obama's "American Jobs Act," a $447 billion spending package offset mostly by tax increases on families and small businesses.

"At a time when we need common-sense solutions to the economic problems facing our country, all we get from President Obama is this 'son of stimulus' bill that doubles down on his failed approach of Washington spending coupled with job-killing tax increases that led to skyrocketing unemployment and an unprecedented downgrade of America's credit rating," Scalise said. "If more government spending and tax increases were the answer to our economic woes, America's economy would be humming right now. Even President Obama himself has said, you don't raise taxes during a recession, and his misguided tax increases on the same job creators that we're counting on to reduce unemployment will simply lead to more lost jobs and higher deficits. The House has already passed a package of bills designed to create millions of American jobs without raising taxes, and it is time for President Obama and liberals in the Senate to work with us so we can create good jobs here at home and finally solve this economic crisis."

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