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Get Our Economy Moving Again


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Dear Friends,

Last week, President Obama delivered a speech to a joint session of Congress outlining his plan to create jobs and grow our economy.

I appreciate the president's speech and his focus on the most important issue facing our nation - jobs and the economy. Unfortunately, I am concerned that the president's proposals follow the previous pattern of borrowing and spending. We have learned we cannot create a growing economy by spending more money in Washington and creating uncertainty for job creators.

Our jobs agenda must be centered on supporting our nation's small businesses and removing the burdensome regulations coming out of Washington that are impeding growth, employment and prosperity. Over the recent August district work period I heard the same sentiment from small business owners, manufacturers and farmers across Kentucky.

I support a plan to get our economy moving again. The proposal, put forward by House Republicans, addresses a number of regulatory burdens that have stifled job growth. We must get the government out of the way of job creation by reigning in the overeager regulations coming out of the EPA, the Obama health care law and Dodd-Frank financial reform that have our economy hanging in uncertainty.

By flipping off the switch on the federal regulatory factory we can restore certainty to our economy and foster the climate of prosperity that employers need to hire and grow their businesses.

During his speech, the president said any ideas should be put forward. I have voted in favor of dozens pro-growth measures designed to create jobs. One of these ideas that I put forth with my colleagues on the Energy and Commerce Committee was for the president to withdraw the EPA's plan to tax our communities with a duplicative ozone standard that would have cost, according to the EPA's estimates, as much as $90 billion to comply with. After months of negative feedback on the EPA's plan from both Republicans and Democrats, the president finally recognized the harm these regulations would cause and called for EPA to withdraw these proposed ozone regulations. It is my hope that the president will consider other similar measures in our jobs plan.

I hope we can work to find common ground to restore America's competitive edge. As always, please contact me with any questions or your thoughts on how we can create jobs and get our economy back on track.


Member of Congress

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