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Congressman Kevin Yoder Reacts to President Obama's Joint Session Jobs Address


Location: Unknown

"I am pleased the President heard the wishes of the American people that call on Washington to focus on the economy and job creation. While the President and House Republicans won't agree on everything, we can all agree that we as a country must come together and work towards true solutions to our economic challenges. I welcome the President's participation in this dialogue and any and all ideas that will help create jobs by promoting short and long term economic growth.

I was disappointed that the president decided to double down on more stimulus spending and greater government growth. Americans know that we aren't going to rebuild this country by borrowing and spending more money in Washington D.C. If we could spend our way to a strong economy and job creation, our economy would be booming. Two years ago our government borrowed and spent a trillion dollars to stimulate our economy, and for two years now unemployment has remained at levels not seen since the Great Depression.

The real answer to our economic woes involves creating new jobs in the private sector. I appreciate the President's emphasis on small business owners in America as these entrepreneurs are the key to economic growth. Both Republicans and Democrats have placed job-creation proposals on the table that merit consideration. I look forward to joining members of both parties as we work together to support policies that rebuild America and restore our economic prosperity."

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