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Rep. Todd Young on President Obama's Address on Jobs to Joint Session


Location: Unknown

Rep. Todd Young (R-IN9) released the following statement in response to President Obama's address on jobs to a Joint Session of Congress on Thursday evening:

"Over the past two and a half years, we've heard speech after speech from the President and our economy has little to show for it. I'm hopeful that this time he is ready to roll up his sleeves with Congress in order to put Americans back to work."

"The President offered some good starting points for discussion tonight, and I believe we can make some big strides this fall. In some instances, like the payroll tax holiday, I think we can go further than his suggestions by reforming our entire tax code to be fairer, flatter and simpler. Similarly, he's offered some regulatory review, but we must do more than root out a few bad regulations after they've already harmed the jobs environment. We must ensure that such regulations are never allowed to strangle the economy in the first place. Nevertheless, the President gave us a platform from which to build."

"After watching our country continue to bleed jobs after spending $800 billion two years ago, however, I cannot support several hundred billion more in stimulus spending. That path has been tried and failed, and we must attempt a new approach. Economic turnaround may take some time, but there is enough common ground to start taking positive steps forward immediately."

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