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Rep. Barton's response to President Obama's "American Jobs Act"


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Barton's Statement on President Obama's Jobs Speech:

"I am glad the President decided to join the jobs debate. House Republicans have passed several bills (most of which are stalled in the Senate) that would put thousands of Americans back to work.

"The plan he outlined this evening includes several ideas that I can support. I think extending the payroll tax deduction for workers and reducing employer payroll taxes will spur growth. I also believe that improving and repairing our nation's infrastructure will create jobs now and benefit people far into the future. The big question with all of these proposals is how do you pay for their $400 billion price tag?

"I held several town hall meetings during August in big cities and small towns and while the location changed, the message was the same -- Washington needs to stop spending money it doesn't have.

"I look forward to working with the President, but at the same time I won't break the promise I made to the people of the 6th District to rein in Federal spending."

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