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Letter to Chairman Upton and Chairman Stearns


Location: Washington, DC

Dear Chairman Upton and Chairman Stearns,

I would like to commend the work that you and your staffs have put into the Solyndra investigation and subsequent hearings. The September 14, 2011 hearing on Solyndra and the Department of Energy loan guarantee program allowed members to uphold the long held traditions of our committee by providing rigorous oversight

During this weeks hearing, however, it was made surprisingly clear during my questioning that neither Jonathan Silver, Executive Director, Department of Energy Loan Programs Offices, nor Jeffery Zients, Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget, had comprehensively reviewed the history of Solyndra when the took over their respective positions. For example, Mr. Zients stated that while he had been briefed on the Solyndra guarantee he personally had never reviewed any files on the company. Likewise, Mr. Silver while affirming the the Department of Energy has a comprehensive file on Solyndra, he too had never personally reviewed it.

While I will certainly like to further examine the lack of a comprehensive review Mr. Zients and Mr. Silver failed to implement for the Solyndra guarantee there is a much larger question at stake concerning what type of review has been conducted for other companies that have already received taxpayer funds through the DOE's loan guarantee program and may be at risk of collapse. I request that we rigorously examine the DOE loan guarantee program as a whole in the future hearing to endure that taxpayer's best interests are protected.


Marsha Blackburn

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