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Weekly Column: A Jobs Plan For the West, By the West


Location: Washington, DC

arlier this month, the Western Caucus, which is a group of like-minded Members of Congress from Western states, introduced a plan entitled the "The Western Caucus Jobs Frontier." This pro-growth plan will protect and create jobs in the West and across America. It highlights over 40 concrete legislative solutions that will cut red tape, develop American energy and break down barriers to private sector job creation.

Unlike other plans that have been introduced, these 40 bills are ready to pass today. They are locked and loaded to create jobs and grow our economy. Specifically the Jobs Frontier Plan focuses on:

* Increasing Affordable American Energy
* Overturning Washington's Overreach
* Promoting Agriculture, Ranching and Forestry
* Supporting Recreation, Hunting and Public Land Access
* Eliminating "Cap and Trade" Energy Tax Regulations

Any serious job creation proposal must start with steps to increase affordable American energy. We can start right now to lessen our dependence on foreign sources of energy and reduce costs at the same time. We just need to have the political will to make it a reality. The jobs plan also focuses on reducing burdensome regulations, promoting industries that involve our natural resources and agriculture, and many other forward-thinking proposals.

The reason why I support this plan rather than some of the other plans that have been put forward is simple. These are ideas that were not born of Washington. They come from Western states and they have the support of many of our Western governors and legislators.

Since January 2009, America has lost approximately 2.3 million jobs and the unemployment rate has increased from 7.8 percent to 9.1 percent. The Jobs Frontier plan leverages the resources and the strengths that our western states already have in place. I encourage you to visit my website,, to learn more about this jobs plan. It's my hope that this proposal will be strongly considered as the debate over how best to create jobs and grow our economy continues in Washington, DC.

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