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Rep. Davis Encourages the Congress to Work with President Obama to Create Jobs


Location: Washington, DC

During the August recess I met with thousands of my constituents ranging from corporate CEO's, rank-and-file employees, small business owners, entraprenuers and the under and unemployed. One common theme expressed by these constituents was; the Congress needs to work together to create jobs and an environment for the US worker to prosper.

Many of my colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus held job fairs in Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami; interacting with over 30,000 participants at these events. The American worker is ready, willing and able to create a better tomorrow.

However, Congress must develop a sense of unity and work with the President to create jobs and an environment to do so. We have and will remain the greatest nation on earth. Though our country has faced many challenges; we always find a way to prosper. I have no doubt that we will reboot this economy, create jobs and develop an environment that will encourage ongoing investments in the US economy.

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