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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DAVIS of Illinois. Let me, first of all, thank you, my classmate, Donna Christensen. We got here about the same time, and it seems as though the longer we're here, the more alike we think. So I want to thank you for your leadership.

I also want to commend the Congressional Black Caucus because we have just completed what I will call a very successful tour, a tour where some people were able to actually obtain jobs, where other people were able to renew their faith and hope that out there somewhere waiting for them is a job.

As the minority whip talked about pain and frustration, it reminded me that there are thousands of people in my congressional district who are experiencing that pain just as there are millions across the country.

I dug out an old record of mine the other day. I was going through my collection, and there was a fellow singing a song about getting a job. He says, Every morning about this time, she brings my breakfast to the bed, crying, ``Get a job.'' He says, When I read the paper, I read it through and through, trying to see if there is any work for me to do--get a job.

But he kind of ends by saying, It was difficult to get a job that did not exist. It was difficult to get a job that he couldn't find.

So I was pleased a few nights ago when a job plan was articulated and presented. That's a very simple kind of plan in a sense. I couldn't find much controversy. I couldn't find much that one couldn't buy no matter which side of the aisle they were on, no matter what their political stripes.

I mean, who can argue with rebuilding roads and bridges and highways and giving people the opportunity to just ride on roads that are not bumpy or to ride on streets that are not filled with potholes--meaningful kinds of work that anybody can know is an investment and is not any kind of giveaway?

Who can argue with unemployed teachers getting an opportunity to work? Who can argue with small businesses being able to receive incentives if they hire people who have been unemployed for more than 6 months? Who can argue with that? I don't think anybody that is serious could argue with any of that.

So jobs must be found. Jobs must be had. And I am pleased to join with my colleagues to say that we must turn around that there are no jobs so that the guy can sing, I got a job, I got a job.

Thank you, Congressional Black Caucus.


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