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Thompson Views President's Economic Address as More of the Same


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Glenn "GT' Thompson issued the following statement in response to President Obama's economic address before a Joint Session in the U.S. House of Representatives.
"With unemployment now surpassing 8 percent for more than 2 years, it was my hope that the President would move past his "stimulus' spending proposals and offer real relief for our small businesses and families struggling to make ends meet," said Thompson. "The unfortunate truth is that tonight's speech was more of the same."

According to, the While House's stimulus website, the Department of Transportation still has $46.98 billion available for transportation related projects, over two and a half years after passage of the 2009 stimulus bill. This figure represents 37% of the total funds provided for transportation under the 2009 law. Tonight, President Obama requested billions in additional stimulus spending for transportation-related projects.

"Why should the American people believe the President is going to make new infrastructure spending be any more effective or move any faster, when after two years, America faces a staggering 9.1 percent unemployment rate and less than half the initial funds have been utilized?," Thompson retorted. "It's time for a new direction and aggressive action though real regulatory and tax relief, not more spending."

"Since this year began, the U.S. House has put forth measure after measure to incentivize growth, control wasteful spending and end burdensome regulations, only to see them stall in the Senate and ignored by the President," Thompson added. "While I was pleased to hear the President express his desire to find areas of common ground, I can only hope his future actions live up to tonight's rhetoric."

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