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Boswell Releases Statement Following President Obama's Address on Jobs


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Leonard Boswell released the following statement after President Obama's address tonight.

"I applaud the President for urging the House and Senate leadership to get proactive about putting Americans back to work and rebuilding our economy," Boswell said. "Washington needs to get its priorities straight and focus on how to spur hiring and create an environment that fosters job growth, instead of continuing the firestorm of empty rhetoric and political pandering. I am hopeful that the President's speech will refocus lawmakers on what really matters -- jobs."

"In order to invest in job creation, Washington must get on the same page as the rest of America and stop putting corporations and special interests above everyday workers and small businesses. It is clear to most Americans that oil companies are doing just fine without the taxpayer's help. It is clear to most Americans that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet can afford to pay the same percentage of payroll taxes that their own secretaries pay. It is clear to most Americans that our nation will never recover if the federal government keeps offering tax breaks to companies that outsource U.S. jobs. Let's redirect the taxpayer dollars that fund these luxury handouts and corporate incentives to put Iowans back to work, repair our roads and bridges, update our public buildings, and get Americans making things again. I look forward to the hard work ahead."

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