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Bipartisan Approach

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BARROW. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to draw attention to a September 8 Washington Post editorial written by the dean of the House, the Honorable John Dingell, entitled ``Congress Needs a Fresh, Bipartisan Approach.''

Congressman Dingell reminds us of a time not too long ago when Members from both sides of the aisle worked together for long hours for months on end to solve the problems of the day. These were times when Members were motivated less by the reward of a good media hit and more by the reward of overcoming the challenges that confronted the Nation.

Today, we face the critical challenge of getting Americans back to work. This isn't a Republican or a Democratic problem, and the fix that will get folks back to work doesn't prefer one side or the other. Americans can no longer afford the political games that consume us now.

I encourage my colleagues to heed the advice of our distinguished colleague. Let's roll up our sleeves and work together to get our economy back on track.

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