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House Passes Jobs-Protection Legislation

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

As part of its regulatory relief agenda, the House overwhelmingly passed legislation to prohibit the National Labor Relations Board from ordering any employer to close, relocate, or transfer employment under any circumstance.

The Protecting Jobs from Government Interference Act stems from a lawsuit filed by the board in April accusing Boeing of violating labor laws by opening a new production facility in South Carolina. In the lawsuit, the board alleges the facility will replace an existing facility in Washington and that the move is being made to punish unionized workers there.

"Not one person in Washington has lost his or her job as a result of this new facility," said Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA), an ardent supporter of the legislation. "In fact, Boeing has hired 2,000 employees in Washington since it announced this decision. That, apparently, is not good enough for big government which is literally killing jobs under the premise of "protecting' workers.

"No unelected government agency should have the power to tell private enterprise where it can or cannot create jobs. This is not a union versus non-union issue and it is not about one company. This is about restoring the bounds of government's reach and getting government out of the way of job creation."

At present Boeing employs 1,100 employees at its North Charleston location. Without congressional intervention, Kingston says those and countless more could be on the line giving the case's implications for American competitiveness.

Deeply concerning to Kingston and others is the NLRB's obstruction of congressional oversight and refusal to provide meaningful information. The board's failure to comply with repeated requests for information from congressional committees has led to threats of it being held in contempt of Congress.

The legislation, sponsored by freshman Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) passed the House by a vote of 238-186. It now moves to the Senate where it is being given a cool reception by Democrat leaders.

"The President says he wants to work with Congress to help create and save American jobs," said Kingston. "We should be able to come together on a bipartisan basis to support this effort which protects more than a thousand right here, right now."

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