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Blog: Remembering September 11, 2001


Location: Unknown

en years ago, terrorists sought to bring America to her knees. Instead their actions sparked renewed patriotism and reinvigorated the American spirit. If there is anything we have learned it is that spirit will prevail, no matter what confronts us.

It is easy to feel pessimistic given our economy and the many challenges we face today. Let us take heart in knowing that the same spirit that got us through those difficult times ten years ago can get us through whatever comes our way.

As we observe this anniversary, we should remember those that lost their life on that infamous day, but also the others who have died and sacrificed so much on the global war on terrorism. In their memory and for future generations, we need to be vigilant, prepared and engaged in world affairs.

On Friday, I joined the House in unanimously approving a resolution commemorating the attacks. The resolution reaffirmed the House's commitment to fighting terrorism and offering support to the nation's military, intelligence and other officials. It also thanked foreign governments who have assisted the U.S. in its efforts against international terrorism.

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