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Webster Statement on the Projecting Jobs from Government Interference Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. ROSS of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of this legislation on behalf of the American public that has had enough; on behalf of those tens of millions of people who pay their taxes, live within their means, and give their hand to a neighbor in need, for they have had enough; on behalf of those like Boeing, whose innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology ensures that more moms and dads will not have to witness a flag-draped coffin bringing their son or daughter home from a land far away, for they, too, have had enough. I rise on behalf of those like my dad, who fought and bled against tyranny to make sure that the future that he gave to his children would be a future of freedom, for those, too, have had enough.

Mr. Speaker, there is no defending the overzealous oligarchs at the National Labor Relations Board. Their actions are a symptom of a regulatory board gone amuck. In fact, the irony of this is that if Boeing wants to escape their reach, their jurisdiction, the only way to do so is to move overseas, which is contrary to what any of us want when we want jobs here in America. Nowhere in America should your government be able to tell you what you can or cannot do just because they believe what your intentions are.

Mr. Speaker, this administration needs to stop reading minds and start reading the Constitution. The Boeing decision is a vivid reminder that absolute power corrupts absolutely. And we could dismiss it if it were only an isolated case, but it is not. Americans have endured an administration that fines American citizens for not buying a product, raids--with guns drawn--an American guitar manufacturer for not shipping jobs overseas, conducts aerial searches and seizures of American businesses without their knowledge, and orders Federal employees not to speak to Members of Congress.

Mr. Speaker, free enterprise is not the problem; it is the solution. And, Mr. Speaker, contrary to what the other side may say, labor is not the enemy. Labor is the backbone of the American economy. But both should be aware of a government that can tell you what to do just because of what you think, and both should be aware of a government that can tell you what to buy just because they think that's what you need.

I pray that this legislation is the cornerstone of a renewed free market citadel called America. The reign of the regulator is over. The American people want their country back, and there are still patriots in this House.

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