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Lankford on Fox Business: We Need Low-Cost and No-Cost Economic Proposals


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) appeared on Fox Business today calling for low-cost and no-cost economic proposals that will encourage private sector job creation and not add to the deficit.

Growing the Economy and Staying Fiscally Responsible
"There are lots of low-cost and no-cost options out there…I am focusing on things that are slowing down the economy. There are two perspectives: one says Washington creates jobs, and the other one says that the reason jobs are not created is because of Washington. What banking regulations have slowed down community bank lending? What is happening in the energy sector and what effects are moratoriums and the EPA having on it? I am looking at free trade agreements. We want companies to invest in the U.S., where their headquarters are located, and not overseas. The way we can do that is to not be punitive when they bring those dollars back. These are things we can do that do not cost us a dime but then dramatically increase our economic activity and the velocity of money moving around. Until we do those things, I am not interested in raising taxes."

Rejecting Permanent Tax Hikes for Temporary Stimulus
"What won't jumpstart the economy is to cut taxes for a year and then raise taxes for the rest of eternity after that. That does not seem like a very good swap to increase jobs. People who run businesses do not focus only on the next 12 months."

Building a Better Business Environment by Repealing ObamaCare
"I believe that reforming Medicare and those kinds of things is part of the issue, the whole healthcare debate. No one knows what the cost of an employee will be because of the Affordable Care Act. If we can start getting reforms in that; that will help. I would like to repeal the Affordable Care Act in its entirety."

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