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Larson Introduces Legislation To Make Jobs A Super Committee Priority

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson (CT) introduced nonpartisan legislation today intended to give the nation's top priority -- job creation and economic growth -- the same path forward as deficit reduction in Congress.

"Every member of Congress -- Democrat and Republican alike -- heard the same thing from their constituents over the last month: they're tired of the partisanship and fighting in Washington and just want Congress to get things straight so they can get back to work," said Larson. "The Super Committee, with its deadlines and triggers, has a unique opportunity to overcome the recent gridlock in Congress to make that happen."

Today, Larson introduced three measures that the Super Committee may choose to pursue that would provide different paths to the same goal -- reducing unemployment and addressing our debt:

1. A bill to amend the mission of the Deficit Super Committee, to require the Members to develop both a deficit reduction plan and a job creation plan.
2. A bill to amend the mission of the Deficit Super Committee and add four additional members -- one from each party in each chamber -- to allow for the extra work being undertaken.
3. A bill to create a parallel Super Committee to focus on jobs, under the same terms as the Deficit Super Committee.

"As many economists have pointed out, reducing the unemployment directly reduces our deficit. In fact, by returning the nation to full employment, we could cut the deficit by 25 percent. So the incentive here is obvious: putting America back to work and reducing the deficit," Larson added. "But there is even more at stake. This is an historic moment that reflects directly on our 21st century democracy and America's ability to lead the free world. Amending the existing law to incorporate economic growth and job creation and subjecting them to the same deadlines and a trigger, would restore confidence to the American public and global markets and show that we can come together to get America back to work and grow our economy."

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