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Rep. Garrett Highlights Emergency Preparedness Measures

Location: Paramus, NJ

Rep. Garrett Highlights Emergency Preparedness Measures
FEMA, Citizen Corps Outline Steps to Take in Case of Attack

September 7, 2004, Paramus, N.J. - Today, Rep. Scott Garrett (NJ-05) hosted a press conference to highlight the need for our government's continued vigilance on homeland security measures. Representatives from the regional FEMA office, New Jersey's Citizen Corps and local law enforcement also discussed the implications of homeland security to New Jersey and the fifth congressional district and outlined the steps necessary to protect our families in case of an attack.

"The recent elevated threat level in Northern New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and in New York City shows that terrorists are still targeting America," said Garrett. "Under President Bush's leadership, Congress has enacted several pieces of legislation to help protect our homeland and ultimately win the war on terror. Nonetheless, just as we fought the Cold War, it will take time to revamp our military to fight this new type of war, and time to build and allow our intelligence community to find and analyze the data we need to seek out those who wish to bring us harm."

Garrett added, "To best safeguard our homeland we must remain vigilant right here at home. Each of us in our towns, and our neighborhoods must be equipped with the appropriate information to know how to respond in an emergency. This knowledge is the best way to arm ourselves, as this vital information could help to save your own life or the life of a loved one."

"As has been said before, the terrorists only need to be right one time - whereas we must be right in protecting ourselves 100 percent of the time," said Garrett. "All the institutions of our government must be fully prepared for a struggle against terror that will last into the future, and we must prepare ourselves and our families as well."

Garrett concluded, "With planning and common sense, we can be better prepared for the unexpected. Vital information detailing all of the steps you can take to prepare can be found at FEMA's website A link to this page can also be found on my legislative website Please review this important, life-saving information."

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