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McCarthy Encourages Americans To Speak Out On A Balanced Budget Amendment


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement encouraging Americans across the country to make their voices heard on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution using America Speaking Out (ASO):

"Over the past couple months, House Republicans have spoken out on the need for Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment. We currently face an impending debt crisis, one that imperils our near-term and long-term economic growth and will greatly exacerbate our already unacceptably high unemployment rate. The House has taken action to manage down our debt and Washington excess, but only the binding authority of a balanced budget amendment will ensure that we can walk our country back from this cliff.

"A balanced budget amendment is the only real preventative measure that will stand in the way of Washington Democrats' agenda of more deficit spending and more borrowing that will drive us further into debt. In the coming weeks, House Republicans, with the support of a large majority of Americans, will continue our fight to pass this crucial reform. We're asking Americans from across the country to share their opinions on government spending and our enormous debt.

"Last year, we asked all Americans to share ideas with us through America Speaking Out so that we can work together to put America on a better path. We are asking that Americans join us again through this same platform to make their voices heard on Washington's fiscal policies and a balanced budget amendment."

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