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"Ten Years Ago This Day'' in Honor of the Rising and Opening of the 9/11 Memorial on the 10TH Anniversary...

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. KING of New York. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in honor and in remembrance of all of the Heroes and lost loved ones of all of the families of 9/11. On this the 10th anniversary, I ask that this tribute in honor of them, and the new visitor center and the rising of The Two New Towers and their strength penned by Albert Caswell, be placed in the RECORD.


Ten .....

Ten years ago this very day .....

Upon, this most hallowed ground ..... these most scared graves .....

As here and now we all so kneel and pray .....

As they tried to so take America's very heart away!

As so many magnificent men and women died on that day!

As so many fine lives were so lost, and so left all in such pain and dismay!

As all of their loved ones were so left with that kind of pain, that only Heaven can so take away .....

And all of those innocent children aboard all of those planes who now so they .....

Will never grow up to be happy, old, and so gray .....

Who were once but all the apples of their parents eyes, night and day!

As all hearts are so warmed, whenever we so think of how in the face of evil they so stayed!

As all across our Nation, America so wept on that day!

From The Towers, to The Pentagon ..... and Flight 93, as upon us all such evil so weighted!

As America so saw, ``Let's Roll'' and what of most heroic hearts are so made!

And to what new heights, they could so reach ..... so soar, as did they!

As all of our tears flowed and poured, as out across our Nation we so mourned and prayed!

As all of The Towers fell down on that day .....

Leaving us all with that kind of pain, that even time can not so take away .....

As ten years later to this very day, still all of our hearts feel like it was only yesterday!

And yet, America's heart has grown even greater they say!

All because of what they so taught us, and to what our Nation they so gave!

For from this most hallowed ground, and from their strength and courage we have so found!

The strength to stand and to rebuild, as over these sacred footprints the water washes down!

Upon, this spot where all of their most sacred ashes were once so found .....

All so scattered all across this ground!

All in this high place of reverence and of such faith so now, where all of their most magnificent souls can so be felt all around!

Has Come A Rising, of remembrance to all of them so now!

To last forever and a day, this most sacred ground!

A Rising ..... to so honor each and every man, woman and child so how!

All in our Lord's plan, so that in 100 years from now we will all stand here so very proud!

And then 100 more, we will stand here all in such honor at this shrine so now!

As we will feel all of their courage and strength, and what their fine faith has so meant!

To us all so now!

So that whenever someone looks upon this hallowed place, that they will leave with but tears on their face!

As a Tribute to Them and The American Way, and to this The Human Race!

As A Triumph of Good Over Evil, that the entire world will say!

That we have all so walked with our Lord and his Angels this day!

With all of their blessings of Hope, Courage and Faith ..... which within our hearts will stay!

You, may bring down our buildings!

You may murder our women, men, and our most precious children!

Crash planes into fields, or at The Pentagon, and yet still you will not victory so wield!

For, as long as we have such strong fine women and men, who into such graves do so tragically descend!

Who so believe in America and what our Freedom so brings, upon which our Nation depends!

Then, Will Come A Rising ..... over such evil that which all of us despise then .....

Standing here on this sacred ground, one feel's all of their souls so beseeching us so now!

To teach our children well, all about what their fine lives have so meant .....

So that they too may teach their children's children time and again!

To remember what it so means to be an American, as up from the ashes anew so came!

A Rising, With Faith In Hearts We Will Forever So Honor Their Names!

Goodness ..... Evil ..... Darkness ..... Light ..... Those Brave Hearts Who Bring The Light!

As Against The Darkest of All Evil's, As Onward We Fight!

Together enjoined, as we battle on into the darkest of all nights!

As why With This Rising, we so honor these Heroes and their Families, with such homage we pay!

All because they made America's heart stronger that day!

Ten Years Ago This Day! Never Forget!

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