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Congressman Rothman's Statement on Labor Day


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ) released the following statement:

On this Labor Day, we take time to reflect on the history of the American labor movement, and its immense contribution to the prosperity, high standard of living, and democratic health of our nation. Created by the earliest labor unions, Labor Day was made into a national holiday by Congress in 1894, at a time when workers faced 12 hour days, extremely low wages, unsafe working conditions, and little job security. Today we take for granted the basic rights that American workers enjoy, like a minimum wage, medical and maternity leave, safe and comfortable working conditions, and protection from discrimination -- rights that many labor activists gave their lives to win. In the 20th century, Labor unions were essential to growing America's middle class and we can look to the values they hold to help rebuild our economy in the 21st century.

On this Labor Day, we pay tribute to the American workers who build our country to become the best in the world, and rededicate ourselves to protecting the hard won rights of our nation's workers.

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