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Congressman Runyan Responds to Presidential Address


Location: Unknown

Tonight President Barack Obama addressed a joint-session of Congress to unveil his plan for job creation. Congressman Jon Runyan issued the following statement following the President's remarks:

"I applaud the President for addressing a joint session of Congress, to speak directly to the American people about his plan for creating jobs and growing the economy. Unfortunately, tonight the American people didn't hear specific details about how the Administration plans to pay for this plan without raising taxes and increasing spending. It is certainly my hope that as the President sends the congress specific details for the various components of his plan that he will also get behind many of the policies that many House Members support including reducing the regulatory burden on businesses, especially those faced by small businesses. The uncertainty in the business climate is stifling job growth."

"I was happy that the President brought up the Free Trade Agreements during his speech. The Congress has been waiting since January to vote on these bills that the President has yet to send to Congress. These FTAs will open up markets to American businesses, which can only be good for our economy."

"I agree with the President that we must address the tax code. With our businesses facing the largest corporate tax rate in the world, it is time we lower the level to compete with other nations. This will help keep corporations from leaving the United States, and provides incentives for them to keep jobs right here in America."

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