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Rep. Quayle Introduces The Employee Workplace Freedom Act


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Ben Quayle (R-AZ-03) introduced legislation Friday that would reverse a new rule announced last week by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that forces private-sector employers to display notices describing the National Labor Relations Act.

Mr. Quayle released the following statement on his bill, HR 2833, The Employee Workplace Freedom Act:

"Over the past two and a half years, American businesses--both small and large--have dealt with an onslaught of new mandates, regulations and taxes. The National Labor Relations Board piled on another rule last week when it announced that employers must display 11 by 17 inch signs outlining the 76-year-old National Labor Relations Act. This needless requirement-- which falls outside the NLRB's statutory authority -- opens the door for legal action by the NLRB against companies that don't comply.

"This new rule is further evidence that the Obama Administration puts the interests of union bosses ahead of individual workers. This pattern of behavior was on full display when the NLRB filed an egregious complaint against Boeing. Our federal agencies should work with American companies to reduce the regulatory burdens that inhibit growth. They should not enact nonsensical rules that add unnecessary costs. The Employee Workplace Freedom Act stops one of these foolhardy rules in its tracks."

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