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Aderholt Statement on President's Joint Address to Congress


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04) today released the following statement after the President's joint Address to Congress:

"More than ever it is clear we need not only good paying, but sustainable jobs in America," said Aderholt. "While I appreciate the President addressing Congress this evening on one of the most critical issues our country is facing, I think what is missing is the realization trillions of dollars of stimulus spending simply did not work. It did not work because we cannot spend our way to prosperity, if we could then the country would be at full employment by now."

"Instead, our economy has continued to see dismal growth and record unemployment under the Administration's current policies. The country did not add a single job in the month of August and for the past 31 months unemployment has been at or above eight percent. The current unemployment situation is a clear indication the Administration's idea of spend, stimulus and regulate does not lead the way to job growth."

"As Washington looks for additional solutions to create jobs, I hope the Administration and Congress will start by keeping jobs within our borders and join me in supporting fixing GSP. GSP was designed to level the playing field for American companies with many foreign competitors, however a loophole is hurting American sleeping bag manufacturers like Exxel Outdoors located in Alabama's Fourth Congressional District. Without fixing GSP's current flaw, another 150 people could be standing in the unemployment line in a region that has been devastated by natural disaster and is already facing an unemployment rate of over 15 percent."

"Americans are looking to Washington to allow businesses to retain and create jobs through deregulation and fair trade agreements that level the playing field for American businesses to compete. This is what will get our economy back on track. I hope the Administration and my colleagues will join me in the fight and start by fixing GSP and saving American jobs," concluded Aderholt.

Aderholt currently serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security for the powerful House Appropriations Committee, is a member of the Committee's Commerce, Justice and Science; and Agriculture Subcommittees, and also serves on the Helsinki Commission.

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