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Aderholt Statement on Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Robert Aderholt (AL-04), who will be honoring our nation's brave heroes at a ceremony in Cullman, Alabama on Sunday, issued the following statement regarding the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks:

"Ten years ago a group determined through hate, challenged a nation," said Aderholt. "The United States has long stood as a beacon of freedom and hope. As we have time and time again, Americans responded with resiliency and resolve. America was tested and America prevailed."

"When I think of this day every year, I am reminded not only of the moment when I first learned of the attacks, but also of the heroic measures taken by first responders and brave citizens responding to the crisis. On this day we turn our thoughts and prayers to the police, firefighters and first responders who without hesitation, ran into burning buildings, many sacrificing their own lives for others. On this day we remember the victims of these senseless attacks and the families and friends they left behind. On this day we honor the brave passengers of Flight 93, who fought, rather than give up. On this day we remember those across the country and the world that came together, prayed, organized vigils, donated blood and sent supplies and care packages to weary rescue workers. And on this day we draw courage from our heroes and the compassion of our citizens, as we are reminded of the resilience that propels us forward as a people."

"While the past ten years has bred new strands of terrorism and it is clear terrorists still have innocent Americans in their sights, our country continues to make great strides in national security and intelligence. However, all of us must remain vigilant knowing that we live in a dangerous world and know that we as a nation must work together so we will not be defeated by those who want to see the destruction of the United States. With that, on this day we also salute the valor of our troops, who fight the enemy each and every day and protect our people and the beacon of hope and freedom that is America. God Bless America," concluded Aderholt.

Aderholt currently serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Homeland Security for the powerful House Appropriations Committee, is a member of the Committee's Commerce, Justice and Science; and Agriculture Subcommittees, and also serves on the Helsinki Commission.

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