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Congresswoman Hartzler Issues Statement in Response to President Obama's Jobs Speech to Congress


Location: Washington, DC

President Obama needs to visit with small business owners, as I have, and ask them why they are not hiring. It's not due to the cost of the proposed salary that could be averted through tax credits: It's due to the onerous policies of Washington. President Obama would have been better off proposing a repeal of his health care bill which is causing skyrocketing increases in health care premiums; repealing the Dodd-Frank banking bill which is stifling credit for our business owners; reducing the cost of energy by promoting the use of American energy; and sending us the Free Trade Agreements that he has been withholding for too long. These proposals would go further toward creating jobs than championing another spending bill. Last year's $800 billion stimulus package didn't create private sector jobs. I don't believe these proposals will either."

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