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Statment by Representative William Lacy Clay Regarding President Obama's Addresss to a Joint Session of Congress...


Location: Washington, DC

Tonight, President Obama laid out a common sense plan that will put millions of Americans back to work. It is based on good ideas that both Democrats and Republicans have supported previously.

The plan is smart, it's targeted where it will do the most good, and it will be completely paid for by additional spending cuts.

The President's plan cuts taxes on small businesses & individual taxpayers, and it invests in urgently needed infrastructure projects…without adding one dime to the deficit.

My Republican friends in the House Majority have a simple choice…they can either put their country first, or they can engage in more partisan nonsense.

But the American people have run out of patience.

They don't want more political games in Washington that pander to the most extreme political voices.

They want positive action now.

President Obama provided that kind of leadership tonight, and we should get this done immediately in a bipartisan way."

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