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Lummis Applauds Western Caucus "Jobs Frontier" Report

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Vice Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, Cynthia Lummis, along with Chairman Steve Pearce (R-NM), Senate Western Caucus Chairman John Barrasso (R-WY), and other members of the Senate and House Western Caucuses, released the "Jobs Frontier" report. The report highlights legislation that will cut red-tape, develop American energy, and create jobs in the West and across America.

"The West has unique challenges that Washington's one-size-fits-all approaches have often not understood in the past. The most glaring challenge the West currently faces is a jobs crisis. Although the West is full of an abundance of job creation opportunities, it seems that Washington has never been so out of touch when it comes to the West and the people who call it home.

"Unfortunately, the abundance of opportunities in the West are being ignored by an Administration intent on spending its way out of over 30 consecutive months of unemployment above 8%, while it simultaneously pursues hostile polices that stand in the way of real job creation and economic growth.

"The Jobs Frontier report highlights more than 30 pieces of already-introduced legislation in Congress which have the capability of creating millions of jobs right now. The report emphasizes conservation, stewardship, and the capable management learned through years of knowledge. If we can take the shackles off of unreasonable regulation and empower the people of the West, who are the best stewards of our land, we can move forward and start getting people living in the West back to work."


In the report, Members of the Senate and House Western Caucuses have identified eight important solutions which will cut red tape, develop American energy, and create jobs in the West:

1. Increasing Affordable American Energy

2. Exploring for American Oil and Natural Gas

3. Strengthening the American Mining Sector

4. Overturning Washington's Overreach

5. Promoting Agriculture, Ranching and Forestry

6. Supporting Recreation, Hunting and Public Land Access

7. Eliminating Backdoor Cap and Tax Regulations

8. Reducing Junk Lawsuits

Among the solutions included in the proposal are Lummis' Soda Ash Royalty Relief bill, which ensures Wyoming soda ash production sustains its global competitiveness, and Lummis' Government Litigation Savings Act, which will help relieve land-management agencies from the crushing burden of repeated lawsuits so they can get back to doing the work that helps create jobs.

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