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Rep. Petri Comments On President's Plans


Location: Washington, DC

Based on reports concerning the contents of President Obama's speech this evening, Rep. Tom Petri offers some comments on the President's jobs proposals.

Petri's comments:

"I think the President's proposals are basically - there's some good, some bad and some rather indifferent. He is recycling a number of ideas that have been around in the past.

"One that caught my attention -- we have been debating for years in the education committee -- is to have a federal program to assist with school construction across the United States. That would probably raise the cost of most construction, and it would be of relatively little benefit to us in Wisconsin as we have done a pretty good job of building new high schools and other school facilities over the years. So that's something that I've opposed in the past and really have some doubts about.

"Another thing that he's talking about is to try to shore up state and local governments so they can avoid layoffs. Wisconsin has bitten the bullet with its state budget, and the result has been to maintain public service jobs in our state relatively well, so there's another program that would, in effect, not help us particularly, but might help other parts of the country that have not been willing to tend to their own business as effectively as Wisconsin has."

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