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Congressman Cantor: We Are Not Going To Let Differences Get In The Way Of Common Sense Solutions


Location: Washington, DC

Good Morning, coming off of the August recess, what I felt and most of my colleagues felt when we went out and met with our constituents was a real fear on the part of the American people. The fear has to do with an economic future that is extremely uncertain and doesn't bode well for them and their families. We intend to do something about that as we are now back in town. We are going to embark upon an agenda that is squarely focused on job creation to try to get this economy going again. It is a two-pronged agenda to roll back job-crushing regulations to create middle class jobs and to promote policies for tax relief for small businesses that can create middle class jobs.

"We also heard as we were traveling in our districts a real concern on the part of the people we represent, that Washington can't get along and that somehow the differences have gotten away. I've also heard from people that Republicans and Democrats are not going to agree on everything. But the people of my district and this country expect that we are not going to let those differences get in the way of coming together for common sense solutions that help produce results, and that will be our aim over the next several months."

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