Regulations and Federal Spending vs Jobs American Workers Lose Again in August


By:  John Carter
Date: Sept. 2, 2011
Location: Round Rock, TX

The weak economic recovery was brought to a stop in August as a direct result of the Obama Administration's continued deficit spending and tidal wave of job-killing new regulations, according to House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter.

"This halt in job growth was unfortunately what we all knew would happen under the economic policies of this Administration," says Carter. "The House tried our best to stop the spending, but the Administration threatened to shutdown the government and default on our bonds unless they were allowed to continue their massive deficits. We have tried to rollback the Administration's regulatory regime that is costing hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs and threatening millions more, but the Administration has refused to even meet us halfway, and if fact remains in contempt of federal court orders to let Gulf oil workers get back on the job. The only surprise in today's job numbers is that they weren't worse."

Carter continues his call for passage of legislation placing a two-year moratorium on new federal regulations, to allow businesses to expand without fear of unknown cost increases, and for balancing the federal budget without higher taxes.

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