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Boswell Briefing: Fighting for American Workers on Labor Day


Location: Unknown

This Labor Day it is important to reflect on the men and women who make America run -- our workers. Too often, our nation's economic success is linked to multi-national corporations and high-powered CEOs, instead of recognizing the real driving force is our middle class workers who clock in and out every day to make sure we keep producing American goods and providing services to our families.

The everyday American worker has been neglected on the road to economic recovery. House Republican leaders have put subsidies for oil companies and tax breaks for billionaires ahead of job-creating investments in America's roads and bridges, public works programs, manufacturing sector, and education system. Republicans are dead-set on rewarding only the wealthiest Americans and claiming some day it will "trickle down" to the middle and working class. We already know this does not work and leaves American families worse for the wear.

It is no mystery why our economy is recovering at a snail's pace and unemployment still sits above 9 percent. Until my colleagues on the other side of the aisle get serious about building up the American worker instead of lining the pockets of executives, America will continue to lag in the global economy.

The stakes couldn't be higher this Labor Day. Income inequality is at its most extreme since 1928. There are 28 million unemployed Americans. Ninety-percent of American workers have not had a real wage increase in more than 10 years.

Right now, American workers and middle class families are being held hostage by Republicans who are prioritizing luxury tax breaks and corporate subsidies above job creation and safety net programs like Medicare and Social Security.

As we celebrate Labor Day, I am standing with America's middle class, workers, and seniors. We need to be focused on getting Iowans back to work, and growing our small businesses and domestic industries -- not helping the rich get richer on the backs of the middle class and at the expense of taxpayers.

I have not forgotten that many Iowans are still looking for work. I will continue to fight for legislation that provides families and workers with the tools they need to make it through these tough times and put themselves on their feet again.

Let us remember the men and women workers who help make America great this Labor Day.

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