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Greater Homestead/Florida City Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting & Luncheon Keynote Speaker

Press Release

Location: Miami, FL

Congressman Rivera was the keynote speaker at the Greater Homestead/Florida City Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and Luncheon on Thursday. The Congressman spoke to a group of more than 40 small business owners about the importance of businesses feeling secure before making new investments or hiring new employees and the need for regulatory reform and fiscal responsibility in Washington to eliminate that uncertainty.

"I've heard the message from the business community very clearly, and the message is this: What is going on in Washington, a $14 trillion national debt and trillion dollar annual deficits--represents a great weight and burden on the American economy. It has an impact with respect to access to credit for individuals and for businesses; it has an impact as to the issue of certainty in the future fiscal viability of our government and our nation.

"When I say it has an impact on certainty, I'm talking about business owners who have told me they just aren't going to be hiring or expanding or investing because they feel uncertainty as to their future energy costs, their future insurance costs, their future costs with respect to access to capital, investment costs, credit costs--even uncertainty as to what their tax burden will be. Because of those uncertainties, they aren't going to move forward. As long as we continued down that path of a $14 trillion national debt, that uncertainty will remain.

"I'm sure I'll hear the same thing from you all today. As long as the business community in this nation sees that Washington spending is out of control, without any regard to what the impact could be on our fiscal future, it is going to be very difficult to get out of this fiscal rut that we're in," Congressman Rivera said.

The Congressman was asked what the Congress is doing to relieve the regulatory burden on businesses.

"Regulatory reform is part and parcel to budgetary reform. In the House of Representatives, I can tell you just since I've been there; nearly every single budgetary matter and appropriations bill that has moved through the process has included deregulation efforts, because we see how regulations have hamstrung new businesses. "

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