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It's About Time: Obama Administration Asks For Assad Resignation


Location: Washington, DC

The Obama Administration this week called on Syrian leader Bashir al-Assad to step down and announced new sanctions against his regime.

"I join the President in calling for Assad's resignation" said Rodney, a member of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee and a liaison to the House Intelligence Committee. "Syria has been an active supporter of international terrorists and a threat to United States interests and our allies in the region. Assad's brutalization of his own people in Syria are extremely alarming."

Earlier this month, Rodney and a bipartisan group of House Members wrote to President Obama asking him to toughen existing sanctions against the Syrian regime. "No government should be allowed to inflict such suffering on its people without a stern response from the United States and the broader international community" the letter said.It's About Time: Obama Administration Asks For Assad Resignation

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