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Issue Position: Eliminate Regulations Preventing Energy Innovations and Competitive Transportation Fuels From Reaching Market

Issue Position

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End the Regulatory Roadblocks Against Competitive Fuels Like Natural Gas
America has more natural gas than Saudi Arabia has oil. Yet on August 9th, the Department of
Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency issued fuel efficiency rules that effectively bar
heavy-duty vehicles -- which consume 20% of our oil imports -- from converting to natural gas.
The agencies did this even after conceding that "more alternative-fueled vehicles on the road would
arguably displace petroleum-fueled vehicles, and thereby increase both U.S. energy and national
security by reducing the nation's dependence on foreign oil."

Gov. Huntsman supports the repeal of these rules and others, which increase our reliance on foreign oil
and discourage domestic job growth.

Spur Investment in Modernizing Our Power Grid
Federal regulations are hindering America's conversion to a fully modern "smart grid" system --
something badly needed if the next generation, for example, chooses to charge electric vehicles in their garages at night.

Encourage State-Based Solutions
Methods of energy production vary greatly across the fifty states. The Northwest has world-class
hydropower facilities, California leads the nation in geothermal, and more than 15 percent of Iowa's
energy generation comes from wind. Despite this diversity, EPA rules prohibit states from coming up
with their own ways to reduce pollution at the lowest cost to local businesses.

For example, EPA should revive state authority to allow centrally-fueled fleets to convert to cleaner
alternative fuels to help meet our air quality standards at much lower cost to consumers.

Force Washington To Face Facts
The federal government is responsible for reducing obstacles to competitive markets that ensure a level
playing field. Washington must base its energy policy on sound science, transparent government, and
thorough public debate.

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