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Issue Position: Energy Independence

Issue Position

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"To free ourselves from OPEC's grasp, we must end our heroin-like addiction to foreign oil. And the money
earned by American energy suppliers can be spent in American stores, saved in American banks and invested in American communities to create American jobs."
-Gov. Huntsman, 8/31/11

50 years ago, President Eisenhower warned we should import no more than 20 percent of our oil; today we
import 60 percent. Every year America sends more than $300 billion overseas for oil -- much of it to unstable
and unfriendly regimes. This threatens our national and economic security. 10 of the last 11 recessions were
preceded by sharp spikes in the price of oil. 

Governor Huntsman is proposing an "all of the above" policy, with two main elements:

First, we must expedite the review and approval of safe and environmentally-sound energy projects, including the development of North American oil and gas reserves; oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska; shale gas and oil in the U.S.; and Canadian oil sands.

Second, we must eliminate subsidies and regulations that support foreign oil and inhibit clean, domestic
alternatives such as natural gas, biofuels and coal-to-liquid fuel.

America is drowning in competitive energy supplies from domestic sources. We must employ those resources, or risk allowing foreign nations to control our energy future.

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