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Issue Position: Rolling Back Existing Regulations

Issue Position

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Repeal President Obama's Unconstitutional and Unaffordable Health Care Plan
Gov. Huntsman opposes the President's health care overhaul, which includes $1 trillion in new spending
and an onslaught of mandates on small businesses. According to the Congressional Research Service
(CRS), Obamacare includes "more than 40 provisions ... that require, permit, or contemplate
rulemaking by federal agencies." The CRS further found that Obamacare establishes "dozens of new
governmental organizations or advisory boards," although the law is so vague the full tally of such new
entities is "unknowable." Rather than analyzing each piece of red tape, Gov. Huntsman supports a full

Repeal Dodd-Frank
Dodd-Frank created several new "independent" entities, and vested them with effectively unlimited
power. Furthermore, it called on new and existing agencies to undertake 243 new rulemakings --
something too complicated for them to handle. After Dodd-Frank's first anniversary, the agencies had
failed to satisfy 80 percent of the law's deadlines. The vast majority of these rules are unnecessary,
create uncertainty and hinder growth in the marketplace.

Moreover, Dodd-Frank perpetuates "too big to fail" by codifying a regime that incentivizes companies to
become too big to fail, guaranteeing slow credit and slow productivity gains for the near future. Gov.
Huntsman supports a complete repeal of Dodd-Frank, followed by an assessment of which parts may
need to be reinstated to address "too big to fail" and other structural problems with financial oversight.

Streamline the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Approval Process
The FDA's dilatory approval process puts American biotech and health sciences sectors at a
comparative disadvantage to foreign competitors by increasing development costs and unnecessarily
delaying the approval process. Ultimately, the FDA's process damages health care outcomes and
reduces profits.

Enact Comprehensive Patent Reform
The considerable backlog at the U.S. Patent Office hurts innovation. The approval process needs to be
streamlined to foster innovation and weed out rent-seeking.

Repeal Sarbanes/Oxley
This hastily written law has only added a massive compliance tax on companies without providing any
real measures to prevent corporate fraud, which is still rampant. The law did nothing to avoid today's
financial difficulties, and has caused unintended consequences by driving companies elsewhere or into
the private market.

End the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Gross Regulatory Overreach
The EPA has overplayed its hand. While the nation struggles to recover from economic turmoil, the
EPA has imposed vast new rules on the nation's energy producers, crippling one of the most critically
important components of economic recovery: energy supply. The following are examples of the many
rules Gov. Huntsman will oppose and/or roll-back:
Ozone Standard Revision -- This rule promises no clear benefits yet threatens to hinder job growth in the
form of what is effectively a nationwide construction ban that benefits no one more than China.
Joint Fuel-Efficiency Rules -- This rule, approved by the EPA and Department of Transportation, will
bar heavy-duty vehicles from converting to natural gas, which America has an abundance of.
Astonishingly, this was enacted even after the agencies concluded that "more alternative-fueled vehicles
on the road would arguably displace petroleum-fueled vehicles, and thereby increase both U.S. energy
and national security by reducing the nation's dependence on foreign oil."

Expedite the Environmental Permitting Process
Gov. Huntsman is committed to streamlining the process for developing new energy supplies and
bringing them to market.

Implement A Cultural Change In Regulatory Agencies
Gov. Huntsman will demand a change in the culture of regulatory agencies that ensure businesses and
citizens are treated like customers. The White House will provide accountability and measurements to
ensure that timelines for approval are met, citizens are treated fairly and government doesn't hinder
growth through delay.

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