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Public Statements News - Sen. Rand Paul Hosts "Washington Update"

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Location: Unknown

By Zakk Gammon

"I think people here in Bowling Green are concerned with the same things people are the state are concerned with, and that's the economy's tanking, unemployment's high and the country's just having a hard time paying their bills," said Sen. Paul.

But Senator Paul says there are things we can do. For one, the senator says the United States brings in about $200 billion a month in revenue, and the interest on our debt is about $20 billion. He says our nation's leaders should at least pay for that.

"We have to get our spending in order, or we're going to go into some sort of effective bankruptcy if we're not careful," he said.

Senator Paul says the point of today's discussion is to help people understand their role in government.

"I think people feel helpless sometimes. 'What can I do to change it?', 'They never listen to me', I think a lot of elected officials will listen," the senator said.

That's if people get involved and contact their officials.

It's no secret Paul isn't a fan of President Obama's policy. As far as some saying he'll only be a one-term president, the senator says he's not sure.

"You know, we'll see. I think he's the most anti-business president we've ever had. He's going to accumulate more debt than all 43 previous presidents combined. And nothing that he's tried so far is helping the economy," said Sen. Paul.

So what about the republican candidates running for president? All family biases aside, he thinks the leaders in the race are coming forward.

"I think right now, it's down to four, really. It's Perry, Romney, Paul and Bachmann. All the polls are showing those are the only ones really within striking distance of coming to the lead. I think Perry coming in helps my father, because Perry pulls some of the votes away from Bachmann's vote. My father's vote stayed steady when Perry came in," Sen. Paul.

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