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Gov. Nikki Haley to S.C. Businesses, Workers: Stand Up to Obama's NLRB Bullies

Press Release

Location: Columbia, SC

According to a news report, the Obama administration's National Labor Relations Board continues to allow unions to put themselves between employers and employees by requiring businesses to "post information in the work place telling employees about their rights to unionize." The move has been "cheered by labor leaders."

"We're not going to let a rogue agency like the NLRB bully our businesses, push our workers around and stunt our economy," said Governor Nikki Haley. "Right next to that sign that is being mandated by Barack Obama's union cheerleaders at the NLRB, I encourage all South Carolina employers to put up another sign that makes it very clear that, in our state, every worker has the freedom to reject the efforts to form unions and keep their paychecks for themselves and their families instead of paying dues to union bosses in Washington, D.C."

Earlier this year, Gov. Haley challenged President Obama on concerns relating to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) complaint against the Boeing Company.

"Boeing is a great corporate citizen in South Carolina, and their growth here has been a win-win for our state," said Gov. Haley. "But what we're seeing from this administration -- as it stands by while unions try to put themselves in between our companies and employees -- is an attack on not just right-to-work states but on every state that is attempting to put their people to work. For months, the people of our state have waited on answers from the president, and they haven't gotten any."

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