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Rep. Grimm Statement on CBO Budget and Economic Outlook Update


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Michael G. Grimm (R,C-NY) issued the following statement regarding the summer budget outlook released by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office:

"Today the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) sent Washington another warning sign that we must get spending under control. Years of fiscal irresponsibility have put our economy on a path of slow recovery and high unemployment. Our deficit has exceeded $1 trillion for the third year in a row and the CBO predicts that unemployment will remain above 8% through 2014. We cannot continue down this road if we are going to turn the economy around and get Americans back to work.

"Since day one, I have supported policies that cut spending, balance the budget, and remove government-imposed barriers to job creation. House Republicans have put forth several plans that encompass these principles, yet Washington Democrats refuse to act while continuing to repeat the mantra of more government spending as the cure.

"Whether it comes from the CBO, S&P, or the people I represent in Staten Island and Brooklyn, the message is loud and clear: "Stop the spending!' Now is the time to heed these warnings and take action to enact polices that grow our economy and create jobs, in order to create a stronger America for our children and grandchildren."

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