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Blog: View From the Capitol - Congresswo​man Vicky Hartzler's Newsletter for the Week of August 15-19, 2011


Location: Unknown

Dear Friend,

It's been a wonderful week, visiting with friends and families in the Fourth Congressional District. The highlight of the week, for me, was probably the highlight for so many Missourians -- a trip to the State Fair in Sedalia. Agriculture is Missouri's leading industry and there is no better celebration of that than the State Fair.

The Governor's Ham Breakfast offered a chance for representatives of the people to say "hello" to citizens from all corners of the state and to enjoy some delicious ham. That was just the beginning of a great day. We had meetings with the Missouri Farm Bureau, Agricultural Leadership of Tomorrow (A LOT), and Missouri farmers and ranchers.

I participated in a news conference with other elected officials related to our concerns about the management of the Missouri River. I indicated to everyone in attendance that I believe the priorities of the Missouri River should focus more on people and property and less on the pallid sturgeon. The President's proposed budget allocated $72 million for wildlife habitat and only $6 for levee repair -- and I think those are the wrong priorities.

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about some of the visits my staff and I made before leaving the State Fair. We took some time to stop in at the Pork Place, the Missouri Beef Building, and the Gerken Dairy Center. There's always plenty to eat at the State Fair -- and it's delicious! Seeing parents with their children reminded me of when my family and I would attend the Fair. Wonderful memories are being made by whole new generations of Missourians.

We learned, this week, as President Obama toured parts of the Midwest -- excluding Missouri -- by bus, that he is going make a speech after Labor Day to unveil some new ideas to create jobs. Associated Press reports: "Obama's proposals would be fresh ones, not a rehash of plans he has pitched for many weeks ..."

Certainly, it is reassuring to see that the President is promising to come up with something new. But the real solutions to our economic problems already exist.The House has passed a budget that would control spending by cutting trillions of dollars and making the tax code more fair -- without raising taxes! It is only with this spending discipline that America will spur on private-sector job creation through a strengthening of the economy.

In addition, we passed needed proposals that remove current impediments to job creation: over-regulation, high taxes, expensive government-mandated health care, and high energy costs. Government needs to get out of the way and unleash the free enterprise system. Then we will see the jobs we need.

One thing the President could do to create jobs would be to send Congress the trade agreements that have already been negotiated with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia. The independent International Trade Commission has estimated that implementation of these three trade deals would increase U.S. exports by more than $10 billion -- an increase even the President's own calculations indicate would immediately create 250,000 jobs. Yet, the President refuses to give us these agreements, allowing other countries to take away business that should rightfully belong to American farmers and small business owners. We can create American jobs if we are allowed to export more American goods abroad. I hope this will happen in the fall.

Let me remind you that your views and thoughts are always welcome. If you're in Washington, please stop into our office at 1023 Longworth House Office Building. In the district, we would love to have you visit any of our offices in Jefferson City, Harrisonville, Lebanon, and Sedalia. You can also follow us by going to our website at where you can link to our pages on Facebook and Twitter. I am honored to serve you.

Have a good week

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