More Seniors Are Receiving Rx Discounts and Free Preventive Care


By:  Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Date: Aug. 11, 2011
Location: Unknown

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care reform) is already helping millions of seniors on Medicare receive improved care while reducing out-of-pocket costs.

Last year, beneficiaries with high prescription drug costs who entered the prescription drug "donut hole," received a check in the mail for $250 to help reduce those costs. This year, beneficiaries are saving 50 percent on brand name prescription drugs -- roughly $700 a year in savings -- paid for by the drug manufacturers, not the taxpayer. As we close the donut hole completely in the next nine years, seniors will save more than $3,000 a year in drug costs.

Just last week, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released data showing that 900,000 Americans have benefited from the 50 percent discount on prescription drugs and 17 million Americans have already received free preventive services. The savings for Medicare beneficiaries this year alone totals $461 million, including more than $200 million from donut hole savings just in June. HHS also announced that Medicare beneficiaries will pay $30 for the average prescription drug plan premium in 2012, a decrease from 2011.

The health care law does all of this while extending the solvency of Medicare for another eight years and reducing the deficit. Health reform was an important part of Democrats' work in the last Congress to turn around the economy, protect consumers, and protect Medicare.

If you don't know about Medicare's new free preventive care services, you should. Preventing chronic disease not only improves your health -- it's also a significant step toward cutting the $2 trillion the U.S. spends treating preventable long-term illness. To find out more about preventive care services click here and visit Medicare: Share The Health.

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