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Federal Appeals Court Ruling on ObamaCare Step Toward Restoring Constitutional Freedom


Location: Washington, DC

With the ruling today by the Federal Appeals Court in Atlanta, GA voiding ObamaCare because "The individual mandate exceeds Congress's enumerated commerce power and is unconstitutional," Congressman Connie Mack issued the following statement:

"We are reminded today of the economic burdens the Obama Administration have placed on the American people and a bankrupt federal government. Today's ruling is a victory for freedom and the constitutionally defined role of government. Since a federal judge ruled in January on the case filed by then Florida Attorney General McCollum, Floridians have waited for the U.S. Senate to repeal this burdensome overreach by President Obama and Senator Nelson. With unemployment steadily over 9%, mounting U.S. debt and savings accounts shaky due to unsteady market, Americans have said "enough is enough' to ObamaCare."

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