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A Vote for Middle Georgians


Location: Unknown

"First, thank you to the hundreds of constituents who have called, e-mailed and posted comments on my Facebook and Twitter pages. This was a difficult vote, but because of the comments and calls, I cast it with the confidence that it was the right vote for the eighth district of Georgia. My constituents know, as well as I do, that we should do all that we can to keep from defaulting on our obligations. However, a leader in the White House would have never allowed the discussion of a default to begin with and would have prioritized spending before this crisis came to a head.

"While this bill included some of the main principles of my preferred "Cut, Cap and Balance" bill it did not include enough of them. As families across Georgia have realized -- you can only spend as much as you take in. "Cut, Cap and Balance" as well as the "Boehner Plan" required the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment before allowing the President to raise the debt limit a second time. Unfortunately, this requirement was left out of the compromise. Additionally, this bill includes cuts, insisted upon by the President, which would disproportionately fall in the area of defense, to the exclusion of other areas that are the true drivers of our national debt. The uncertainty surrounding these defense cuts could have a devastating impact on thousands of jobs in Middle Georgia - a risk I'm not willing to take at a time when our unemployment rate continues to hover near double digits.

"Middle Georgians sent me here to fight for the personal freedoms, individual liberties and economic opportunities for our generation and the next. I will never cease in that effort. Unfortunately, this bill falls short of those goals and that is why I voted against it."

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