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Issue Position: Reforming Taxes

Issue Position


Our current tax code is unfair, unreadable and unworkable. The corporate loopholes written into law by the special interests in Washington reward the few at the expense of the many. It costs small business far too much time and money to comply with our current tax regime, while at the same time many large corporations exploit this system and and pay little to no federal taxes at all.

I have called for the elimination of tax breaks for corporations that ship American jobs overseas. Right now the federal government subsidizes companies that create products or provide services outside of our county and gives credit to those who pay foreign taxes. Large corporations should not be able to avoid paying their fair share by simply exploiting loopholes in our tax code.

We need a tax structure that is simpler, fairer, flatter and more broad-based. I support the elimination of special interest tax loopholes combined with a significant lowering of the marginal rate for both individuals and corporations. By reforming our tax code, we can empower small businesses, spur economic growth, create new jobs and become more competitive globally.

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