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Issue Position: Creating Jobs

Issue Position


A good job is the key to freedom and happiness. Yet today we have fewer people working than we did a decade ago and those who do have a job have, on average, not seen their wages increase on pace with the rest of the economy. We need to reinvest in our workforce and rediscover what "Made in America' really means.

We must stop exporting American jobs overseas, start protecting our best jobs now and begin creating new jobs right here at home. I have called for an end to unfair trade practices that are hurting workers and destroying local communities across our nation. China exports cheap products around the world made with a complete disregard for acceptable labor and environmental standards while we export good, quality manufacturing jobs abroad.

As a small business owner, I know firsthand that small businesses are the key to unleashing the engines of job growth. Small businesses across our county account for 2 out of every 3 new jobs created in America. Let's free them from burdensome and unnecessary regulations that serve only to stifle entrepreneurship, job creation and economic growth.

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